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Improving Financial Results and Maximizing Recoveries

Our Vision

Urgent situations require rapid intervention by a knowledgeable team.

RSR Consulting LLC specializes in providing restructuring advisory services to middle market companies in a wide range of industries in both U.S. and international markets. We provide services to secured lenders, unsecured creditors’ committees, trustees, bondholders, private equity companies, investment bankers, attorneys, and other parties-in-interest to ensure that their interests are protected and maximized.


It all starts with trust. 

RSR's clients trust our professionals to perform in an unbiased, transparent and result-oriented manner. 

Honesty and integrity are not just buzzwords to us - it is the only way we do business. 

Trust and communication go together. RSR professionals are skilled in facilitating communication to resolve conflicts and build consensus.

We understand that our assignments require full attention and we make ourselves fully available to our clients. 

Clients that retain RSR get the dedicated and personal attention

of a team of seasoned professionals. Our teams have broad and deep experience in managing complex situations across a range of industries in both U.S. and international markets. 

The people you retain are the people that will be engaged throughout the process. Our commitment is to see the job through from start to finish. 

Our professionals come from strong backgrounds and have worked on varying types of matters and company sizes. 

We believe that preserving and creating value for our clients is paramount to any engagement. We understand that controlling costs is important and we work to achieve the highest benefits for our clients at a reasonable cost. 

Our fee structure is simple and very competitive relative to other firms.

We focus on controlling costs and assigning staff efficiently which means top notch service at a sensible fee for our clients. 

At RSR we have established an excellent reputation for delivering results.

While each situation is unique, and each client's needs may differ, the results are all about the effective execution of a plan. 

We leverage our experience and ask the right questions to help our clients establish specific, measurable and achievable goals and then develop and execute a work plan to achieve these goals. 

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