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RSR offers a variety of services to clients noted below. 

Turnaround, Bankruptcy Consulting, CRO, & Crisis Management

Financial Advisors to Companies, Secured Lenders and Unsecured Creditor Committees


Chief Restructuring Officer and Crisis Management

Bankruptcy and Out of Court Debt Restructuring

Plan Feasibility

Trustee Services

Plan Administrator Services

Claims reconciliation, Review and Reclamation Analysis


Avoidance Action Analysis


Insolvency Reports and Analysis

Operational & Financial Consulting
Interim & Transitional Management

Business Plan Development and Implementation

Management and Controls Assessment

Financial Projections

Financial Model Preparation and Analysis

Personnel Review

Cost-cutting and Revenue Enhancement Programs

Logistics Review and Enhancement

Warehouse Optimization

Merger Integration and Project

Management Office

Interim CEO, COO and CFO Services

Assist in transition during succession events

Transition services to facilitate a change in ownership

Assist in developing performance review processes and metrics to measure employee performance 

Manage search processes for executive candidates

SEC Experience

Project Management

Financial Reporting

Purchase & Sale Due Diligence Services

Cash Flow Planning for Business Sale

Preparation/Review of Financial Projections

Basis determination and adjustment for purchase price for "Acquirer"

Assess collateral to be purchased to determine reasonable value

Prepare customized due diligence program to assess potential purchase

Forensic Accounting & Litigation Services

Review of records to determine: 

Fraudulent Conveyances, Historical Cash Flows, Diversion of Assets, Existence of Unrecorded Assets

Examiner Services

Expert Testimony

Reconstruct books and records to uncover assets

Rule 2004 Investigations

Data Mining

Unravel transactions in determining misappropriation of assets

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