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Forensic Accounting & Litigation Services

Sample of Tasks Performed for Our Clients 

  • Conducted investigative accounting with respect to related party transactions, preferential payments and fraudulent transfers; including unraveling and reconstruction of complicated transactions, examined documents, uncovering assets and vital evidence


  • Investigated, analyzed and assembled documentation of fraudulent activity


  • Reviewed various intertwined inter-corporate transactions


  • Performed claims reconciliation, review and reclamation analyses


  • Developed claims and support for claims in forensic investigations


  • Served as and advised Examiners in cases involving: misappropriation of assets; fraudulent financial statements; and unraveling transactions of Ponzi schemes


  • Participated in Rule 2004 investigations of improper and illegal acts as well as numerous fraud investigations involving financial statement misstatements


  • Reconstruction of books and records


  • Reconstructed data from company’s computer hard drive that was rendered inaccessible by company


  • Prepared solvency analyses


  • Provided expert witness testimony

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