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Healthcare Equipment Services

An example of services performed include the below

National Diabetic Supply Company

CRO / Start-Up Management

Provided oversight of all aspects of the management and operations of the debtor's businesses, including operations, cost reductions, revenue and marketing initiatives.

Provided independent oversight and management of the company's restructuring process and lead in the communications with all stakeholders of the business and develop strategies to maximize their interests. 

Managed dual track cost reduction and restructuring initiatives to enable the company to stabilize its operations and led the M&A process to maximize value of all constituents.

Managed the company's outside professionals and coordinated efforts to maximize efficiency and timely deliver results.

After sale of the business was appointed Liquidation Trustee of the Plan of Liquidation Liquidating Trust. 

Diabetic Monitoring

Advisor to the Unsecured Creditor Committee

Reviewed and assessed the Debtor's historical and current business operations and business plan. Reviewed and assessed Debtor's DIP proposal and DIP budget, including ongoing monitoring. 

Reviewed and assessed the debtor's marketing and sales process for the sale of its businesses. Analyzed  potential sources of recovery to the creditors including an in-depth forensic analysis and review of cash flow activity. 

Performed preliminary analysis of potential avoidance actions and other causes of action including analysis of potential conflicts of interest with the the Debtor's current and former Officers and Directors. 

Liquidating Trustee 

Fulfilled role as Trustee for Creditor Liquidating Trust created under the Debtor's confirmed Ch. 11 Plan of Liquidation. Took possession and control of Debtor's remaining assets and books and records.

Performed comprehensive analysis of transfers of cash and other assets during the applicable statutory avoidance periods. Performed an in-depth analysis of potential causes of action related to terminated business contracts with third parties and potential causes of action including causes of action against former Officers and Directors. Pursued recovery of avoidable transfers and other causes of action to maximize creditor recoveries. 

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