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Interim & Transitional Management

Sample of Tasks Performed for Our Clients 

  • Ensured leadership to run the business and manage personnel; communicated with all stakeholders as appropriate and necessary; evaluated existing management and staff and recommended adjustments


  • Assisted the company in increasing forecast accuracy and credibility with stakeholders


  • Formulated credible business plans, budgets, variance reports and periodically report the company’s performance to stakeholders; define a reporting cadence necessary for each unique case


  • Furnished short term liquidity, cash flows and financial projections analysis


  • Set up financial systems, open bank accounts and define processes and procedures to provide adequate controls required by the stakeholders


  • Evaluated existing corporate systems capabilities as it relates to required operations and financial performance; enhanced systems as necessary by discussing with vendors and creating specific reports


  • Assisted in streamlining and right-sizing costs and improving profitability and cash flow generation


  • Contracted and managed all necessary third-party vendors and service providers


  • Managed outside professionals in such other areas as the company may deem necessary such as legal, IT, systems, engineering, and others

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