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Purchase and Sale Due Diligence Services

Sample of Tasks Performed for Our Clients 

  • Developed enhanced financial and cash flow projection models to assist in investment banking processes


  • Worked with investment bankers and brokers to facilitate the sale of individual assets and entire companies


  • Played liaison role between companies and buyers, providing analysis and status reports


  • Organized the company’s books and records, along with all financial information to assist on the sale of assets


  • Performed Quality of Earnings reports


  • Summarized and prepared analyses in conjunction with the sale process as requested by buyers


  • Performed assets valuation based in different methodologies


  • Performed legal entity analysis to determine existing and future corporate structure


  • Performed NOL due diligence to measure the potential benefits associated with carrying forward historical losses, as well as the potential likelihood of being able to carry forward NOLs


  • Performed debt capacity analyses on behalf of buyers and sellers to determine ideal capital structure going forward and the feasibility of the related business plans

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