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Turnaround & Restructuring, CRO, Crisis Management

Sample of Tasks Performed for Our Clients 

  • Assumed the leadership role for the Debtor’s communications, negotiations and presentations to vendors, creditors and other key constituents


  • Prepared 13-week rolling cash flow projections; assisted in developing and designing cash flow plans to bring the client through their financial difficulties


  • Appointed as Ch. 7 Trustee, Trustee for Liquidating Trusts & Bankruptcy Examiner


  • Assisted in preparation of Bankruptcy reporting documents for domestic and international companies including monthly operating reports and schedules


  • Developed time-phased action-oriented turnaround plans


  • Assisted in the Company’s re-capitalization efforts through debt or equity financing


  • Provided expert testimony in connection with, solvency matters, cash collateral and plan confirmation hearings in bankruptcy court


  • Evaluated alternative reorganization scenarios, as appropriate


  • Evaluated the Debtor’s strategic alternatives and assisted in the implementation of a capital structure approved by the Debtors 


  • Reviewed the Debtor’s key contracts, assessed the restructuring impact on such obligations, and developed action plans tailored to each key vendor


  • Reviewed and validated the Debtor’s cash flow forecasts and related processes; analyzed and led the Debtor’s cash management and related activities


  • Evaluated the Debtor’s business plan, including its plans for business, location, and plant and product line closings, or other changes, and integrated same into Debtor’s reorganization and restructuring plans


  • Assumed a leadership role in the development and implementation of a recapitalization plan for the Debtor


  • Provided financial information in support of, and participation in, the Debtors’ investment banking processes


  • Assumed the leadership role for the Debtor’s communications with, negotiations with, and presentations to vendors, creditors, and other key constituents


  • Assisted in the development of employee related plans, including retention, severance and replacement plans


  • Assumed the leadership role for the Debtor’s accounts receivable collections and accounting processes


  • Assumed the leadership role for the design and implementation of new effective management and financial reporting methodologies appropriate for the Debtor’s business

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